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Tethering over Celcom 3G on the iPhone 3.0

Open this link in MobileSafari - my_celcom.mobileconfig and install the profile. Alternatively, you can download this file and mail it to yourself and open it up in the iPhone

Credits go to I downloaded the settings for SG telcos from that site to see which parts were customizable and pretty much found you just need to change the APN to use celcom3g.

Also, for you people on DiGi: DiGi.mobileconfig courtesy of Snuffykl from LYN.

EDIT: I’m on the RM68/month unlimited data plan. Is it the cheapest unlimited 3G plan around?

EDIT: I can confirm that tethering and MMS does not work on the iPhone 2G (1st-gen) right now. It will probably require jailbreaking which should be out on Friday, 19th June.

EDIT: “Does not work” means the MMS and tether options are nowhere to be found in Settings.

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